About Us

About Us:

One of the most esteemed domains in the world right now,precious stones are remarkable and make celebrations and festival even more special. However, making sure they are sourced from the right place and are true in cut, carat, clarity, and value is vital. Very few actually go to great heights to source authentic ones that are truly rare. A leader when it comes to precious stones and quality gemstone, we are authentic manufacturers along with being wholesalers and retailers too. Along with gemstones, we also deal in agate stones and are based in Khambhat region of Gujarat that is known all over the world as the ‘Birthplace of Gemstones and Agate.’

As a company, we strive with the policy to offer the highest level of satisfaction and commitment to the final client, also ensuring integrity all along. Since our years of dealing in the industry, we are known for our values of ensuring premium class, excellent delivery and great client response each time.


A good gemstone and agate can be expected only if its procurement method and the machinery used to enhance it is of topmost quality. Abiding by the standards for producing high-grade gemstone, we make sure that the infrastructure we utilize along with our quarries and processing units are impeccable. This helps us to provide you with superior quality products that are extracted from our own quarries. For good processing of all our products, we also make sure that our processing unit is upgraded as required delivering the best results. Our core focus lies on client satisfaction and delivery on a timely basis.

Core Values:

We abide by these core values at all times:

  • To ensure our customers are fully satisfied by what we deliver, we stick by values of honest business ethics, honesty, and integrity in all our operations
  • To deliver our customer the best of our products and treating them with honor and respect at all times
  • To make sure our growth happens consistently through premium quality products, innovations, and creativity.

Quality Assurance:

We put our valued products through several layers of tests and quality checks to deliver only the best to our customers and maintain high satisfaction levels. Our quality inspectors take key measures and hold high standards to make sure the testing of these pebbles and stones happen at the best level.

These parameters act as guidelines while testing our products:

  • Finishing
  • Shape
  • Strength
  • Robustness

Why Us?

Known all over the world for our undying commitment to ensure innovation and quality of products, we now have a wide customer base. The reason behind us reaching this level of success lies on the following factors that we stand by:

  • Ensuring best prices in the industry
  • True to timely deliveries
  • Our business practices are honest and ethical
  • We keep up with machinery and infrastructure that shows on the final product
  • A customer-centric approach makes us a favorite amongst our clients.